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Green Inspiration

Clematis Lodge will be your home in Italy at the Maggiore Lake District.

You will live in a comfortable house, large enough to allow you to enjoy being home after a day spent out in the open. It will offer you the sensation of being in an elegant, though practical and eco-friendly space.


Clematis Lodge; your place to stay and live a sustainable, high quality holiday 


Clematis Lodge was refurbished from a local old house manteining the original features, while providing modern commodities.

At the beginning, there was the intention to recover old buildings in decentralise location despite the higher costs and greater difficulties.

Ecological matters: noise, air and light pollutions, water and energy savings  were the guide-line of our choice.

The entire project was realized utilizing natural, recycled, or re-used materials and furnitures.

Clematis Lodge offers and implements, as much as possible, ecological, unpackaged, biological, Km 0, or proximity products. It presents class A (or more) electrical appliances, energy savings light bulbs, water-savings taps.

It utilizes ecological cleaning products as much as possible and biological garden supplies. Clematis Lodge collects rainwater.

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